Restylane® Lyft for moderate to severe facial folds and mid face volume replacement


Restylane® Lyft, initially approved by the FDA in Spring of 2007 under the name Perlane, is a “mid-dermal” hyaluronic acid filler product. As a sister product to Restylane, Lyft is designed for more pronounced facial folds and cheek and mid face volume restoration.


The firm gel is injected into the deep dermis to add volume to help restore surface contour to approximate a younger-aged appearance. Restylane Lyft corrections maintain volume augmentation for about six to nine months before natural product degradation begins to lessen the effect.



How is Restylane Lyft different from Restylane?


Both Restylane Lyft and Restylane are composed of hyaluronic acid. The primary difference between Restylane and Lyft is that the hyaluronic acid gel particles in Lyft are larger than those found in Restylane. This gives the filler additional ability to lift and fill the areas of injection that require a denser formulation to hold shape. Lyft and Restylane are perfect complements to one another.



How does Restylane Lyft work?


Restylane Lyft® is an injectable gel designed to lift folds and replace lost facial volume from fat loss, bone loss and collagen degradation. Lyft’s water-loving nature attracts and binds water molecules to help maintain volume.


Restylane Lyft is composed of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that already exists in the body. The hyaluronic acid in fillers is a crystal clear gel that is chemically cross-linked (the long chemical strands are tied together) to delay breakdown by skin enzymes. All Restylane products are non-animal-based and free from animal protein. This quality prevents disease transmission. Allergy pre-testing is not necessary. Also distinct from other hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, Restylane products are minimally cross-linked, making them similar to the natural hyaluronic acid found in the body. View the Restylane Lyft website.